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Top University for DBA, PHD and Foundation programmes in UK

Top University for DBA, PHD and Foundation programmes in UK

We believe international students must have best expert advice about UK universities.

ISN Admissions specialises in selecting the right UK university for international students. We review academic backgrounds and career goals and provide you with a list of best universities. Your personal statement is then edited, ensuring you succeed in receiving an offer.We are a trusted UK university partner, specialising in courses like Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PHD, DBA, and Foundation Programmes etc. Don’t feel alone, just Connect with ISN admissions and book your free consultation with our British Council trained consultants today.

Top university for DBA Programmes in UK

Top university for DBA Programmes in UK

PHD and DBA Programmes in UK – Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a post-graduate degree offered by a business school or business faculty at a university. DBA programs are research-based and equip candidates with the skills they will need to succeed in a career in academia or high-level business consulting.

DBA programs are made up of a combination of coursework and independent research. Coursework is to be completed by attending classes on campus, or online, depending on the program structure. Requisite DBA courses might delve into such topics as:

  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Change in Organizations
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Advanced Research Techniques
  • Research Design
  • Theory into Practice
  • Publication and Dissemination

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